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Local Game Fishing

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Forget fishing in a modern fishing vessel with the latest in reels and rods and a fighting chair as well! We offer you the unique opportunity to sail out to sea with a Zanzibari fisherman and show you what ‘fishing for a living’ is really all about.

Setting sail from one of East Africa’s oldest wafts, the horizon is dotted with ngalawas, local fisherboats with outriggers, heading out to sea with full mast.. We will equippe you with simple fishing gear, with what locals are even catching kingfish, yellow fin tuna, barracuda and grouper. A real adventure!

The half-day or daytrip includes the boat ride, fishing guide, local fishing gear, fruits and softdrinks.


No of people:                       1Pax    2Pax     3Pax   4Pax    5Pax ++

Price per person (US$):        105      70         50       45           40

Note: The above prices are from Stone town hotels, contact us for the prices from any beach hotel.

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